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Player ratings: RSL 2-1 Sporting KC

Morales and Mansally put in quite the performance at Rio Tinto Stadium.

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Jeff Attinella 8 - Attinella was a leader on the field and made a couple of saves that sent the crowd into a frenzy. This was possibly Attinella's best game with RSL.

Tony Beltran 7 - Beltran's one on one defending was exceptional and his footwork was great as well. He was as close to scoring as one could as for but the fact that he almost scored shows that he was involved on both ends.

Elias Vasquez 6.5 - Vasquez's shorts went up in tandem with the intensity of the game. His level of play went up as well. A very nice game for Vasquez although Sporting did get quite a few chances. With five fouls, nobody can say he wasn't battling.

Aaron Maund 6.5 - Maund was very good, but not great. Sporting KC had just as many shots on goal as RSL. Maund was not necessarily at fault, but it simply wasn't as good as we have seen.

Abdoulie Mansally 8 - Mansally came up big for RSL multiple times with some last minute saves, tackles, and steps that stopped Sporting KC's attack in its tracks. Great game for Mansally.

Luke Mulholland 6 - Mulholland brought some nice creativity and defended pretty well except for not stepping out on Feilhaber quick enough on his goal.

Luis Gil 6 - Gil's first half was not great but his second half was very good. He was connecting well with his teammates on some nice one touch passes which helped maintain possession and wear out the already tired Sporting KC team.

Javier Morales 8 - The conversations about Morales being in the MVP race have officially begun. He has been an elite player this season and his game against Sporting KC was no exception. His goal was a piece of excellent skill, plain and simple. He created for his team and the offense is clicking under his leadership as well as it has all season. You also have to appreciate that he went toe to toe with Benny Feilhaber and got in his head.

Joao Plata 7.5 - Plata sent one ball off the crossbar but justice was served as he got his goal on a penalty later in the game. The team celebration dance is evidence of the energy he brings to the team which is as valuable as anything else he could do.

Devon Sandoval 6 - It really is unfortunate that Sandoval did not sink his open chance because outside of that he was having a pretty good game putting his body on the line and holding up the ball. The crowd was as stunned in silence as I have ever seen after that miss. Hopefully it doesn't shoot his confidence.

Sebastian Jaime 7 - Jaime kept the defense honest, and that was a big contribution to open up the field. He spread things out. He also assisted on the Morales wonder goal. Nice game from Jaime again.


Olems Garcia 7 - Garcia is often at his best off the bench when he really can just run the defense to death. He did a great job to draw the game-winning penalty.

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