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Who's going to sign? Breaking down the details from Jeff Cassar's ESPN 700 interview

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Cassar opened his mouth, and gold came spewing forth — metaphorical gold that is, and metaphorical spewing. Regardless, he's revealed some interest tidbits about Real Salt Lake's forthcoming acquisition.

A reasonably full and probably flawed transcript (by yours truly) is below, but first, let's break down some major points of knowledge.

  • The player is from a country that speaks Spanish
  • Craig Waibel and Jeff Cassar both know the player's agent.
  • The player has played in championships — so, cup finals, playoff finals, or international finals
  • "Prime of his career," so neither young nor old. Depending on position, can range from 24 to 30.

Jeff Cassar on ESPN 700

I wish I had some news for you and everybody else, but what I can tell you is that Craig is working extremely hard at possibly finalizing a deal, and hopefully something can be announced relatively shortly. I know Craig is working tirelessly right now.

You have to go through a lot of channels to get a deal done. Hopefully everybody can come together and reach a conclusion shortly.

It's not always easy for the team or the player, but we'll bring him in at the right pace and at the right time. It's never easy to adjust to a new team and a new style of play, but when you're adding this kind of quality, it's easier.

I have a relationship with the agent, as Craig does as well. That makes it easier in the process. Whenever you're involved in other leagues and other federations, it takes a little time. These are never done over night.


I think it could be any time now. I could get a phone call from Craig at any point. We’re far along. Now it's just making sure everything comes together. You never know what's going to happen, but we're pretty far down the line.

He’s a very good player. He’s played at several big clubs, still in the prime of his career, and has played in championships. So this is a player we all believe can come in and make an immediate impact on our team. Obviously, he's got to know our system, get used to the players on the team, but he's somebody that will make an impact.