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RSL's top four transfer needs, from wide forward to central forward

Jeff Cassar knows something we don't.
Jeff Cassar knows something we don't.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

We've been talking a lot about transfer targets in the last few weeks, and reasonably so. The transfer window is open, and we're expecting a player to come in at some point — and maybe more than one.

So with that in mind, I've put together a list of target player archetypes the club should have an eye out for. We'll try to be more specific than "attackers," of course.

1. A winger who is also comfortable playing as a forward

We have Sebastian Jaime, who is a forward that is comfortable playing as a winger, but somebody who fits the inverse of that would be a good addition. Think somebody more like Olmes Garcia, but with more experience and skill. Garcia, for all his positive qualities, is young and raw and still very much learning the game here.

2. A strong, bulky, and surprisingly mobile target forward

With the departure of Alvaro Saborio to DC United, Real Salt Lake could use a player sort of in his mold, but it would be great if he were a little more mobile. Saborio never worked with a higher pressure match (in terms of tactics, not in terms of mentality), as his greatest strength was bringing the ball down out of the air from a central position. It would be nice to have somebody who could do that, too.

Oh, and finishing like Saborio would be nice. Honestly, a young Saborio would be perfect. How do we make that happen?

3. A midfielder who can play eerily similarly to Ned Grabavoy

I haven't exactly made it a secret that I miss Ned Grabavoy at Real Salt Lake, and it would be nice if we had a younger midfielder who could fill that role. I'm not anti-Luke Mulholland and I'm not anti-Luis Gil, but neither has the crisp, clean quality that Grabavoy always brought. And his movement — oh, his movement! — was top-notch. Someone like that, please.

4. A defensive midfielder who can play at center back, too

This is not a replacement for Kyle Beckerman. There is no need for one, and there is no desire for one. We aren't going to supplant Beckerman. But, it would be nice to have somebody who could play alongside him when we wanted to play a two-man defensive midfield pairing, and it would also be nice if that player could spell at center back when all of our existing center backs fall over.