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Three Questions with Black and Red United

In this edition of Three Questions we learn about DC United's newest signing, Luis Silva's injuries, and the new stadium.

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RSL Soapbox) One game in, what does Alvaro Saborio bring to DC United that they were lacking and do the fans view the trade?

Black and Red United) Saborio brings a physical presence that D.C. United was missing with the retirement of Eddie Johnson; that, combined with his ability to score goals, is a type of forward that United has not had in a very long time. He was able to show off his nose for goal right away, reading Chris Korb's run perfectly to half-volley his first goal for D.C. United.

Most fans understand the trade, even though it is sad to lose Luis Silva. D.C. United are one of the oldest teams in MLS, and there is likely to be some more significant roster turnover at the end of this season. Silva proved he could work with Fabian Espindola last year, but he hasn't been able to get healthy this year. With both supposedly in the last year of their contracts, United needs someone who provides what they don't have and can be immediately impactful.

RSL Soapbox) Is Luis Silva really injury-prone or is he unlucky or was there some sort of motivation issue? Also, what is the ceiling for Silva?

Black and Red United) I don't think he had any motivation issues, it was just a really bizarre streak of injuries that, for now, definitely makes him injury-prone. Starting with his hamstring injury at the end of last year, he has had four different ailments that have each knocked him out for significant time. In the middle of that, they found out that he had a vitamin deficiency that was supposedly making him more susceptible to injury; however, after they fixed that, he got his latest injury.

His ceiling is probably around MLS All-Star level, as he basically was last year. United found that he worked best as a withdrawn forward, playing off of either Espindola or Eddie Johnson. At the beginning of the season, they tried to play him in the midfield, just in front of Perry Kitchen, and he was far less effective there; however, he would probably work better at the top of a three man midfield than just in a two man midfield.

RSL Soapbox) Where are things at with the Buzzard Point Stadium and do you view it as a good location?

Black and Red United) Out of all of the possible stadium locations that were bandied about over the years (Poplar Point, Prince Georges County, Baltimore, Loudoun County), this one is definitely the best. It is actually within the city limits of Washington, within a mile of two Metro stations, and, you know, will actually get done. It is going to be part of a whole revitalization effort for the neighborhood, which is currently mostly industrial.

Progress is moving at a regular pace now. The District is currently acquiring three of the four parcels on the stadium footprint, and are still negotiating with the last owner. However, they have said they will use eminent domain if they need to, and so they should have all the land by September 30. After that, they have to do the environmental remediation before United can start building. At this point, 2018 seems to be the likely opening date.

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