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Waibel: Movsisyan staying put in Russia, RSL remaining active in transfer window

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Real Salt Lake has ended their interest in Yura Movsisyan during this transfer window, but that doesn't leave the club without options to improve the team in the short-term.

In an interview on ESPN 700, RSL technical director Craig Waibel said that Movsisyan, at Spartak Moscow, will be staying in Russia after his club underwent a coaching change.

"Yura will not be joining us in this window," Waibel said in an interview on ESPN 700. "I had a great conversation with him today, he's in a good situation with Spartak."

That ends Real Salt Lake's interest in Movsisyan during this transfer window, Waibel said.

"Unfortunately for me, that's an easy conversation," he said. "I'm happy for Yura that he's got a nice home and a place that wants to play him, but unfortunately, it wasn't the answer that I wanted."

But that doesn't end RSL's involvement in this transfer window, with Waibel emphasizing that the team is in contact with multiple players, with concrete offers having been made.

"The only parts that are up in the air on a few players, is whether they choose to come," he said. "There have been offers made, there are some offers out there. There are some decisions to be made by players. From a club perspective, we always want to believe we're the only club they're considering, but that's naive. We just have to hope they think the offers we put in place are enough to persuade guys to come."

Despite looking to make a move, it won't be a sudden, desperate lunge at players. Waibel emphasized making an "educated pick-up."

"The idea is to make an educated pick-up, making an educated move, where we're actually attaining and acquiring a player that's going to help us get better," he said. "It might not be exponentially better today. It will be — and what I'm looking at are players all over the field that can make us better not only today, but actually fit in the group and make us better over the course of time."