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Player ratings: Vancouver 4-0 RSL

Outside of a couple individual performances, RSL's young group can take this game as a learning experience.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella 5.5 - Attinella was repeatedly hung out to dry by many of the defenders in front of him. He managed to make some eyebrow-raising saves that kept RSL from losing, you know, 6-0.

Justen Glad 5 - Glad was not horrible by any means, but he did make some mistakes that are normal for an inconsistent young player. Make no mistake, he will be a solid defender in this league with a bit of experience from games like this one.

Elias Vasquez 3 - This was probably Vasquez's worst performance of the year. Unnecessary fouls, ball-watching, and falling asleep on the job. He was involved in three of the four goals for Vancouver.

Phanuel Kavita 6.5 - Outside of the early foul that led to a free kick and a subsequent goal, Kavita was actually pretty good on the night. He was arguably one of the better players on the field on the night for RSL.

Abdoulie Mansally 4 - Mansally had a sub-par game with his marking and his frustration boiled over towards the end of the game with a silly foul that saw him sent off putting RSL in a bit tougher of a spot in the next game at home.

John Stertzer 6.5 - Stertzer was one of the better players on the field for Real Salt Lake with some good tackles and tough effort in defense. His offensive contribution was not quite there, but he put in a ton of effort on the defensive side.

Luis Gil 4.5 - Gil had some decent ideas and got into a few dangerous spots but his final touch was not there and he sometimes waited too long to make his decisions. This is a guy that is clearly in need of a shot in the arm.

Luis Silva 5 - Being his first start for RSL, he did alright. Nothing great, nothing horrible. It takes a while for someone to mesh with a new club and Silva still needs time.

Sebastian Saucedo 4 - This was a really quiet game from Saucedo in his first MLS start. He had a hard time getting involved and you could tell he was a bit upset with himself.

Olmes Garcia 5 - Garcia ran like crazy but it didn't ever lead to much. This has been the problem with Garcia for quite a while. He relied on his speed to create and more often than not, it simply doesn't lead to a scoring chance.

Devon Sandoval 5 - I expected Sandoval to really come up big in this game as a guy who battles and can come up with some gritty goals when he gets a chance at some solid minutes. Alas, there was nothing much there.


Wellington Pecka 4 - Sandoval did not touch the ball more than a few times. He came on with about 25 minutes to go and did not contribute much of anything to the game.

Boyd Okuonu 5 - Boyd came on when the match was already out of reach and did not was unable to help right the ship for RSL. He got beat once or twice but did not get owned.