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Player ratings: Sporting KC 3-1 RSL

A couple of good showings were not nearly enough for RSL.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 7 - Nick Rimando made quite a few big saves that gave RSL a fighting chance, but he can only do so much if the defenders make critical mistakes.

Tony Beltran 7.5 - Beltran got the best of his side of the field for the better part of the night, had an assist, and came up with a goal line save. Man of the match.

Elias Vasquez 4.5 - Vasquez was getting beat by Dwyer on multiple occasions. Dwyer's craftiness and quickness were too much for Vasquez to stay in front of him and he paid for it.

Aaron Maund 4 - Maund made a costly mistake that led to the dagger goal from Nemeth. He did not look like the kind of defender that commanded the area. He, like Vasquez, was got beat too many times.

Demar Phillips 5 - Phillips had a speed advantage but did not look his best by any means. He attempted to provide some service that wasn't working and Nemeth made him look bad a couple times.

Luke Mulholland 5 - Mulholland had a few defensive moments that were great, but was unable to do much in the way of possessing the ball and connecting with his teammates. Unfortunately, this was a big reason that RSL lost the possession battle in a bad way.

Kyle Beckerman 6 - Beckerman was one of the calming presences on the field and did his best to slow things down when RSL was weathering the storm.

Javier Morales 5.5 - Morales was pretty well contained by Sporting KC. When RSL depends on Morales as much as they do and the opposing team comes up with an effective game plan to contain him, it spells trouble.

Devon Sandoval 5.5 - Sandoval does what Sandoval does. He used his big body to hold up the ball and he got a shot off with some pace. He also demanded attention from the KC defense, but truth be told, there was not much happening for him in the way of chances.

Olmes Garcia 7 - Garcia had a pretty good game. He had a nice goal to put RSL up early and harnessed his speed to his advantage. He came back on defense a lot as well.

Sebastian Jaime 5 - Jaime had one good scoring chance that he probably could have done better with but beyond that was pretty quiet.


Luis Gil 5 - Gil did not seem to bring a spark that RSL desperately needed toward the end of the match. He had a few acceptable passes but didn't exactly add a threat.

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