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What sort of goalscorer is Real Salt Lake getting in Burrito Martinez?

Burrito Martinez scores some really, really good goals. We've got some highlights for you.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Are you wondering what sort of goalscorer Real Salt Lake just picked up by signing Burrito Martinez? From his highlights — and plenty of compilations exist — we see a player with tremendous ability at a high level.

Take, for instance, this overhead volley with Boca Juniors.

And there's this goal, scored on international duty for Argentina against Brazil in 2012. It's quite a nice one, too.

And let's round it out with this one, with Boca Juniors taking a slow, measured build-up and turning it into a goal with the magic of Burrito Martinez.

What can we discern from these highlights? Well, we know he's not a pure goalscorer — he's a player that's deployed more on the wing than he is up top — but he's dangerous. He's beating players, he's getting in good positions, and he's forcing these goals. But not in the "just take a shot and see if it works" — there's Javier Morales for that — but more in a finesse-driven sense.

We'll obviously have to wait and see what sort of impact he has, but his pedigree and ability could be meaningful in Real Salt Lake's pursuit of success.