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Player ratings: RSL 0-1 Portland

The silver lining cam in Silva's play on the field.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 7 - RSL depended on nick a bit too much on the night, especially toward the end of the game. He came up with multiple tough saves but there is only so much he can do if there is not good marking in front of him.

Tony Beltran 6.5 - Tony got up and down the field a lot trying to be a part of the attack. He was oftentimes successful, especially in the first half. Not a bad game on either end.

Jamison Olave - 5.5 Jamison was back on the field playing first team minutes which was good to see to put the team on the path back to full strength. He looked fairly good but there were a few to many chances conceded and they were usually coming right through the middle.

Aaron Maund 5.5 - Maund was guilty of letting too much through the middle with those darting runs from the Timbers. He did not have a horrible game by any means but he may be getting fatigued or missing a bit of confidence after giving up the last goal at Kansas City.

Demar Phillips 5 - Phillips was getting forward a lot but his service was not placed well. There were too many balls just behind or too high for the forwards to get their feet or heads on.

Luke Mulholland 6 - Mulholland put together a pretty good 90 minutes and was unlucky not to score on that half volley. He was defending well and grinding the whole game.

Kyle Beckerman 6 - Beckerman was putting the ball in good spots but the attack was not making runs into the space that Beckerman saw. Miscommunication was problematic but all in all Beckerman was good.

Javier Morales 4.5 - Morales has not looked right the past few games. He is giving the ball away easily and not creating like we are used to.

Luis Silva 7 - Silva had a great showing. He was one of the few players for RSL consistently creating and connecting well. Hopefully with more time he will become an integral starter.

Olmes Garcia 5.5 - Garcia had chances but took them in stramge ways that did not lead to goals. He is getting better about using his speed to his advantage but is no Fabian Castillo yet as Lagerwey once predicted.

Sebastian Jaime 4 - Jaime had the best scoring chances on the night but did not finish them. One was a matter of being a foot or too wide and the other could very well have gone in if it was taken on the first touch. More importantly, his marking at the end gave Nat Borchers two chances back to back, one of which cost RSL the game.


Sebastian Saucedo 6 - Saucedo took one crazy shot but besides that did pretty well. He came up with a goal line save with his head that left the Timbers shocked. He is going to break through and score before long with a little bit of confidence.

Elias Vasquez - N/A

Devon Sandoval - N/A