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Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders: TV and stream details, lineup news

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake, whose record over the last, say, season-and-a-half isn't particularly great, take on a Seattle Sounders side that has somehow found themselves only just inside the playoff line.

And while it seems there couldn't be a larger gap between the two teams, the two are only separated by six points heading into this one. It leaves Real Salt Lake in a particularly strong position heading in, but the swing after this result will be of the sort that gets that "six-point game" label.

Match details

What: Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders, MLS regular season

When: 8 p.m. Mountain Daylight; 7 p.m. Pacific / Mountain Standard (Arizona)

Where: Rio Tinto Stadium; Sandy, Utah

TV: Local (see below)

How to watch

Salt Lake City: KMYU (2.2 OTA, 12 satellite, 22 Comcast)

Boise, Idaho: KYUU-2 (35.2 OTA; confirmed in schedule)

Reno, Nevada: KAME (21.1 OTA; confirmed in schedule)

Las Vegas: KVCW 2 (33.2 OTA; unconfirmed)

Phoenix: KASW (61.1 OTA; unconfirmed)

Online: MLS Live (no Utah blackout; Seattle blackout may apply)

Know other ways to see this match — like satellite / cable channel numbers for various affiliates? Leave us a comment and we’ll update this and future posts.

Lineup news

Joao Plata and Jordan Allen are both fit and ready to go, and by all reports, so is Jamison Olave, despite his suffering from apparent calf cramps during last week's loss to Portland Timbers.

Chris Schuler is probably out for the season, so don't expect to see him again for a while.

Finally, don't expect to see Burrito Martinez, who just arrived at Salt Lake International Airport yesterday morning and didn't train with the team. But similarly, don't be shocked if he's on the bench, either, and if RSL is embroiled in a potential draw late on — well, he could see the field. Again, though — don't count on it.