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Player ratings: RSL 2-0 Seattle

Sebastian Jaime led the team to a much needed victory at home.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 6 - Nick didn't have to do too much so it's hard to give him a very high rating, but there is something to be said for helping organize the defense.

Tony Beltran 7.5 - Beltran has been a model of consistency this season and generally throughout his career and the game against Seattle was no exception. He has done admirably well in his newer role as a leader.

Jamison Olave 7 - Olave battled with Roman Torres and generally came out ahead. He also did his part to keep Seattle to just one shot on goal which is saying something given the potency that Obafemi Martins brings. Olave's header was really good and if he keeps that up will get a goal or two by year's end.

Aaron Maund 7 - Maund matched up with Martins frequently and did a great job of keeping him quiet. Maund has grown incredibly fast this year and deserves a lot of respect for how far he has come as evidenced by his match up with Martins.

Demar Phillips 6.5 - Phillips was not as involved in the attack as effectively as he usually is, but his defense was great just like the rest of the back four.

Luke Mulholland 7.5 - Mulholland connected on all but maybe a couple of his passes, had a key pass, and nearly had a screamer goal from distance. Nice game.

Kyle Beckerman 8 - Beckerman was buzzing, plain and simple. He looked as good as he has all year breaking up plays and passing to the feet of his teammates. Fantastic performance.

Javier Morales 8 - Morales got a bit of rest and looked much better than he did last week. No question he is the MVP of RSL this season.

Luis Silva 7 - Silva once again showed what he brings to this team. He connects well and his movement off the ball puts keeps defenders guessing.

Joao Plata 6.5 - Plata drew a lot of attention and came close to having some great looks on goal but couldn't make it happen on the night. Not a bad game by any means, just didn't make the highlight reel.

Sebastian Jaime 8.5 - Jaime was the man of the match. He had the kind of performance that pushed his teammates to be better. He worked his heart out and his movement off the ball was great. He scored a goal with three defenders around him and headed it home cool and calm.


Olmes Garcia 6 - Garcia brought the requisite energy to close the game out and put in a solid 20 minutes.

Jordan Allen - N/A

Devon Sandoval - N/A