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Player Ratings: D.C. 6-4 RSL

Plata and Morales continued their great run of form at RFK Stadium.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella 5.5 - Let me be clear. Attinella did not have a bad game. He made at least one incredible save and was pretty good on a lot of D.C. chances. Unfortunately, six goals are a lot, even if they weren't truly his fault. It's hard to give a keeper that high of a score when that many get through.

Tony Beltran 5.5 - Beltran made an uncharacteristic mistake which led to a D.C. goal and he knew it. He was getting into the attack plenty which has been fun to see over the past few games, but as a leader on the team, he has to guide the inexperienced players and help them keep focused.

Justen Glad 3.5 - Glad made a few very costly mistakes that put RSL in a really tough position on the road. Any defender will tell you that if you clear a ball it has to go high and wide. Never back through the middle. He also gave the United attack too much space. Live and learn.

Aaron Maund 5 - Maund scored his first MLS goal, but was also has to shoulder some of the responsibility for that many goals getting through.

Abdoulie Mansally 6 - Mansally had a nice goal and it was good to see him score for RSL. He deserves it. His recover defense was fun to watch, but once again, six goals is way too many.

Luke Mulholland 5.5 - Mulholland's passing was on point, but the midfield seemed out of control at times. He had another chance at a half volley to score but couldn't get it past United's defense. We needed better defense from Mulholland as well.

Kyle Beckerman 6.5 - Beckerman had one Beckerbomb and nearly put in another just like it. His intensity was through the roof on this one and Baldomero Toledo felt it more than anyone. His typical lock down defense wasn't what we are used to with D.C.'s strange tactics with half their team back and the other half forward.

Javier Morales 7.5 - Two assists, not big deal. He also nearly had a couple of goals after skirting around defenders without too much of a problem. His defense was not where it could have been, though. Too much easy build up for D.C.

Joao Plata 7.5 - Plata is back. A goal and an assist were fantastic, but what impressed me most was that he made a run or two back on defense that prevented what could have been a couple more goals to United's name. Great game from Joao.

Devon Sandoval 5.5 - Sandoval could very well have a handful of goals this season if his finishing was a bit sharper. He had a very clean scoring chance this game, but once again, came up just short.

Sebastian Jaime 6 - Jaime had a relatively quiet game, but did have a nice assist on Plata's goal. Hopefully he shows up bit in CONCACAF Champions League.


Olmes Garcia 5.5 - Garcia was robbed of a PK call and drew attention, but otherwise had trouble contributing.

Luis Gil 5.5 - Gil's slide tackle on Fabian Espindola was textbook good. He gave a lot of effort but then seemed a little bit less than quick on his feet on the De Leon goal.

Luis Silva - N/A