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Report: RSL looking at Argentine forward Burrito Martinez from Boca Juniors

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Reports from Argentina have placed Juan Manuel "Burrito" Martinez, a striker who last played at Boca Juniors, as the subject of Real Salt Lake's transfer crosshairs.

Seba Varela del Rio, an Argentine journalist at news outlet Clarín, tweeted today that Real Salt Lake is interested in Martinez.

Martinez, 29, is a winger-forward combination player that would fit RSL's system very well. He played for Boca Juniors for over two years, but the recent arrival of Carlos Tevez to the team from Juventus may have forced out the striker.

Martinez has four appearances for the Argentina national team.

Real Salt Lake has, according to technical direction Craig Waibel, been looking to sign a player from South America, and this fits his criteria for who the club be looking at.

RSL Communications declined to comment on the rumor at this time, citing focus on Tuesday's CONCACAF Champions League match.