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Trib: Source confirms Burrito Martinez, RSL reached verbal agreement

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Juan Manuel Martinez and Real Salt Lake reached a verbal contract agreement, according to Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani, citing an anonymous source.

While RSL Communications did not confirm the deal earlier today or in the Tribune report, Martinez, 29, looks increasingly close to joining Real Salt Lake, after news of a deal surfaced earlier today.

Despite citing only an anonymous source, Kamrani's report is certainly reliable, with his track record in reporting RSL news unblemished.

Earlier today, Craig Waibel said that he hopes to have "ink dry" on a contract in the next 24 hours. All this, along with reports over the last two weeks that Martinez could move to the United States, seem to be culminating in an MLS arrival for the winger.

The secondary MLS transfer window closes on August 6, but if Martinez is indeed out of contract, as reported in Argentina, the deal might not have to reach a conclusion by then. Still, it looks increasingly like it will be.