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Player ratings: Dallas 2:0 RSL

Another road loss in Dallas makes for sub-par individual marks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 6.5 - Nick came up with a couple of saves that gave RSL a chance to get some points on the road. He also distributed the ball well and was a calming presence.

Tony Beltran 7 - Beltran was masterful in the first half and pretty good in the second half. He dominated Fabian Castillo for much of the game and frustrated the rest of the Dallas offense for much of it.

Jamison Olave 5.5 - Olave erased a couple of mistakes that the teammates around him made, but wasn't good enough on the night, especially letting Dallas attackers get in between him and the goal.

Aaron Maund 4.5 - Maund's play led to some disjointed play in the back, but the lowlight was when he poked at the ball which led to Dallas' second goal. That was amateur defending.

Demar Phillips 5.5 - Phillips probably shouldn't have been called for a penalty, but at the end of the day he made a few dangerous tackles that forced the ref to make a decision.

Luke Mulholland 4.5 - Mulholland's passing was off it seemed. His defense was alright, but his performance was uninspired.

Kyle Beckerman 6 - Beckerman had some nice passes and was aggressive as usual on defense. He also made a run or two that could have been goals with a bit more sharpness around him.

Javier Morales 5 - Morales had some bright play, but everyone will remember the missed opportunity on the penalty kick that was the gut punch for RSL's chance to get something out of the match.

Luis Silva 5 - Silva was connecting well and nearly had a goal, but more often than not was not at the far post when the ball was sent across.

Joao Plata 5.5 - Plata had a relatively quiet game. His best moments were when he found teammates in quasi-scoring opportunities.

Sebastian Jaime 6 - Jaime was running like crazy. Too often, he was waiting for his teammates to catch up to him and he would have to hold up the ball in order to have any sort of option going forward. He had a skill check moment that was also fun to watch.


Olmes Garcia 5.5 - Garcia got in good spots but then did not know what to do with the ball so he ended up losing it multiple times.

Juan Manuel Martinez 6.5 - Burrito came on and had a positive impact on the game. He set up his club to tie the match by drawing a penalty but we all know how that ended up. He found space and kept Dallas guessing. Good first showing.

Jordan Allen - 5.5 Allen came on and provided another creating option, but truly didn't have much time to get things going when the game was already essentially in the bag.