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Player ratings: Municipal 0:1 RSL

The defense stepped up after an early goal to earn the win.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 6.5 - Nick Rimando did exactly what has become expected of him at this point. On the few chances that Municipal had, he came up big and prevented a goal. A short-distance shot from Carlos Ruiz looked like it was sure to tie things up, but Rimando was there.

Tony Beltran 7 - Beltran did an amazing job of shutting his side of the field down and not getting heated when he was fouled or when Municipal decided to start diving. He was composed and played a very good game.

Elias Vasquez 7.5 - Not much got past Vasquez in his home country. He looked very comfortable and confident against Municipal as he should have with his familiarity with the opposition. Vasquez was great.

Aaron Maund 7 - Maund, having played roughly 15 games in a row without a break, is doing extremely well without much of a break. He and Vasquez led the defense to a shutout.

Demar Phillips 6 - But for the handball in the box that went uncalled (luckily), Phillips also had a nice game. His pace and physicality showed through and he won most of the one on one battles.

Luke Mulholland 5.5 - Mulholland's best moments were on defense. He was there to backup his teammates and repeatedly came through when needed.

Kyle Beckerman 6.5 - Beckerman did not back off in his one on one battles for the ball and got a pretty early yellow for some pretty soft play. He was able to stay composed throughout the rest of the game and played very smart. He put the ball in space for the forwards and contributed to the possession game.

Javier Morales 6.5 - Morales played a smart game, plain and simple. He knew what it would take to win the game and did just that. He was fouled a lot and won the mental game.

Joao Plata 7.5 - Plata put in a goal within the first couple of minutes which turned out to be vitally important since chances were few and far between. He got another good look later in the game but a Municipal defender got his head on it to prevent a goal at the last second. Plata was the most dangerous player on the field.

Olmes Garcia 6.5 - Garcia looked confident and while he did not have too many chances to score, he  came back on defense a few times in an impressive display of commitment to defense and to his teammates.

Sebastian Jaime 5 - Jaime had a hard time getting many clear chances and unnecessarily tried a few times to draw fouls rather than making a play. He did create a great scoring chance and although he was unable to finish it, he put the Municipal keeper on watch.


Devon Sandoval 5 - Sandoval fought and did his best to keep possession. Even if he was not effective in creating scoring chances, he did wear down the defenders.

Luis Silva N/A