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RSL linked to Fernando Cavenaghi in Argentine rumors

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Real Salt Lake's transfer deadline day might be heating up, with reports from Argentina linking the club to Copa Libertadores winning striker Fernando Cavenaghi.

River Plate's Cavenaghi, 31, has been linked to MLS in the last 12 hours, immediately after winning one of the biggest regional trophies in the Americas. It does appear his contract with the Argentine giants expired today.

We're not sure how accurate the reports are, so take them with a huge, massive grain of salt. In fact, we could just hop over to the Great Salt Lake, grab a few dozen handfuls of salt, and take the reports with that.

The reports seem to indicate that the move would be in addition to Burrito Martinez, and those reports seem to indicate that the deal is still potentially in the works.