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Transfer window closes, but RSL might not be done yet

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The transfer window has come and gone, and on face value, movement's over with Real Salt Lake.

The first mistake: Assuming face value means anything at all.

Craig Waibel has been consistent that a deal could be announced after the deadline, recently telling the Salt Lake Tribune that any deal wasn't likely to be announced soon.

"An announcement, even if a contract was signed today, I can't imagine we'd be announcing anything [soon]. There's steps you have to go through, ITC paperwork, official releases and things like that. The club in today's world, with social media, the club is usually the last to announce anything."

Real Salt Lake has been linked for a big portion of the window to Burrito Martinez, a winger from Boca Juniors. A deal with Yura Movsisyan didn't go through, and a lightly reported interest in Aron Johannson didn't go anywhere, with the young American signing for Werder Bremen.

Today, RSL was linked with experienced Argentina striker Fernando Cavenaghi, 31, although those rumors should be taken with a significant grain of salt.

Real Salt Lake might announce a signing, and they might not. But don't let the transfer window closing get you down — you'll just be forced to wait longer. Or — you know what? Let it get you down. Everyone likes a good surprise.

Finally, be aware that RSL could sign a player who is out of contract from another federation, provided MLS has at least issued a request for that player's International Transfer Certificate. So until that ITC is received, RSL wouldn't announce anything.

Want to know more? Read the FIFA regulations.