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RSL lose badly with young squad against Vancouver

RSL was not at full strength in Vancouver and they simply were not the better team.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

RSL was having a pretty good showing in Vancouver for the beginning of the match considering that  the lineup consisted of many youngsters until a phantom penalty was awarded around the 5th minute on what was normal pushing and shoving in the box from Elias Vasquez. Vancouver capitalized and took the early 1-0 lead. This goal seemed to really take the air out of the sails for Real Salt Lake even though they went on to contain Vancouver pretty well for much of the first half with not much in the way of scoring chances. The Whitecaps did not have many chances but they did well with the few they had and even though Jeff Attinella came up with a couple of nice saves, Vancouver sneaked in another goal before the half with Vasquez falling asleep on the job and Kah getting the goal. Cassar was sent off somewhere along the lines, likely complaining about the early penalty.

The start of the second half was not ideal for RSL as they went down 3-0 with a complete defensive breakdown, once again leaving Attinella in an extremely tough spot. Through roughly the 68th minute Jeff Attinella came up with a few more saves but Techera got his second goal from distance with RSL being slow to pressure him. Frustration set in for the young squad that Cassar put on the field and Abdoulie Mansally made a kick out tackle which was a clear red card fould and he was sent off. More chances came and went for the Whitecaps and the game ended 4-0 in favor of the home team.