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Watch: Burrito Martinez scores first RSL goal in first RSL start

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Burrito Martinez scored his first goal for Real Salt Lake tonight in Real Salt Lake's 3-1 trouncing of Houston Dynamo.

It took just one start for Martinez to get there, and if we're totally honest, this looks like a totally different team with him out there.

RSL has struggled to make the formation click this season, but Martinez is a huge help there. Watch in this goal as he bursts down the right side and is somehow unmarked — he's brilliant here. And that shot is something else — it's not all technique, but it's a desire to make something happen.

Martinez was vital in the two other goals, taking shots that led to Javier Morales and Devon Sandoval's goals, too. While he himself said after the match that he "needs to be better," this seems like a very strong place to start.