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Player ratings: Houston 1:3 RSL

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 8 - Nick had two great saves and two critical and very difficult saves that helped RSL earn the full three points on the road.

Jordan Allen 6.5 - The man of many positions filled in very well for Tony Beltran. Allen often came face to face with Giles Barnes and did a good job of containing him and slowing the play down. He fouled when he had to and played a smart game.

Jamison Olave 6.5 - Olave's recovery speed came in handy on a couple occasions. He got caught on his heels once which could have turned into a Houston goal, but for most of the game played very solid.

Aaron Maund 7 - With all the minutes Maund is seeing this year, he is gaining invaluable experience and learning from his mistakes of past games. Against Houston he played like a wise veteran knowing when to give up a yellow and knowing when to make a critical tackle. Nice game from Maund.

Demar Phillips 6.5 - Phillips was fantastic on the defensive side of the ball. He tracked all the way back a few different times on breakaways to save the day and he had his teammates' backs multiple times to win the ball.

Luis Silva 5.5 - Silva came off after about 25 minutes with a leg injury. Up until that time both teams were sort of feeling each other out and the play was not pretty yet. Silva did his best to calm things down while he was in.

Kyle Beckerman 6.5 - Beckerman was the aggressor on the night. He dug right in and won balls. After he won them, he made some nice possession-minded passes that gave RSL control of the game.

Javier Morales 8 - Morales had the presence of mind to put a goal away after chaos was starting to ensue. He put the ball just where it needed to be to get past Houston. Later, he set up Martinez on a nice fake shot turned pass and that turned out to be the game-winning assist.

Juan Manuel Martinez 8 - El Burrito was involved in every one of the three goals that Real Salt Lake scored. The first two goals came off of shots that Martinez took which ended up being in very dangerous areas that RSL capitalized on. But the goal that he scored himself was a great piece of skill coming off of a toe shot. The angle was tough and the shot he took was tougher. Most importantly, he gave RSL confidence through his fantastic play in tight spaces and his skill on the ball generally. This could be a huge acquisition.

Joao Plata 6.5 - Plata was unlucky not to score. He had a shot early on that looked destined for the net. He linked up very well with his teammates in the attack and did as much as anyone to create.

Devon Sandoval 7 - Sandoval's volley goal was very good. He was extremely close to scoring another late in the first half but Morales was there to finish it. Sandoval battled all night long and outside of losing the ball at his feet once or twice was very good.


John Stertzer 6 - When Luis Silva came off, we all thought that the game would have a different feel and approach, but that was not the case. Stertzer came on and had himself a nice game getting involved in possession and hunkering down on defense when needed. And let's be clear: That was not a handball.

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