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Player ratings: Santa Tecla 0-0 RSL

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Gil and Vasquez showed well in Central America.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella 6 - Attinella didn't have much to do but when called upon he made some relatively simple saves.

Tony Beltran 7 - Beltran was in control on his side of the field and Santa Tecla got next to nothing through him.

Elias Vasquez 6.5 - Vasquez was pretty sharp on the ball and looked like he was too much for the Tecla attackers both physically and technically.

Justen Glad 5.5 - Glad had a pretty good night and gained some valuable experience in CONCACAF Champions League play which will help in the future.

Abdoulie Mansally 5.5 - Mansally userd his speed to his advantage and had a good night overall although he had a hard time taking his physical play down a notch.

Luke Mulholland 5.5 - Mulholland was pretty good defensively but couldn't get much going offensively. He had a good look on goal but sent it high. He earned a bloody lip a couple of times in the process.

John Stertzer 3.5 - Stertzer did not have a bad game but he made some poor decisions that eventually put RSL in a dangerous spot with about 10 minutes to play earning a red card for an unnecessary late foul.

Luis Gil 6.5 - Gil was the man of the match with the most positive play in the match. He was setting up his teammates and being aggressive for the better part of the night.

Sebastian Saucedo 4.5 - Saucedo had a very quiet game on the road and whiffed the ball on the one good half chance that presented itself. Not his best showing, but got valuable time in El Salvador.

Devon Sandoval 5.5 - Sandoval gave Tecla headaches with his physical play but was unable to do too much when the ball was in the area.

Olmes Garcia 4.5 - Garcia's touch let him down multiple times, especially on what was possibly the best scoring chance of the night.


Javier Morales 6 - Morales brought some valuable veteran play to the field and calmed things down even after RSL went down to 10 men.

Joao Plata 5 - Plata came on and was decent with the ball at his feet but did not assert himself into the game as we would have hoped.

Kyle Beckerman 6 - Beckerman solidified the defense when he was desperately needed at the end of the game.