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Player ratings: RSL 3:0 Galaxy

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 7.5 - Rimando pulled a rabbit out of the hat a couple times when the Galaxy attack got the better of the RSL defense. He stoned both Steven Gerrard and Alan Gordon which is no small task.

Jordan Allen 6.5 - Allen had his hands full on his side of the field with Sebastian Lletget coming at him who has been very good of late. Allen once again held his own and was able to move up the field and distribute the ball when called upon.

Jamison Olave 7 - Olave vs. Keane is a back alley fight I would like to see. We got a preview of what kind of battle that would be one Saturday night. Olave kept Keane pretty quiet and helped Allen when needed as well.

Aaron Maund 7 - All the experience Maund has gained this season has paid off. He is not a solid CB that hasn't made any crazy mistakes for a handful of games. If you can do well against the Galaxy strikers, you can do well against most any team. And how about that assist with his head?

Tony Beltran 8.5 - Beltran quite possibly had the best game of the year if not his career. He absolutely owned the already anointed U.S. Men's National Teamer on the night. Beltran was as confident and focused as he has ever been on both sides of the ball.

Luke Mulholland 6.5 - Mulholland put in quite a night on defense and provided some well-timed help defense. His passing wasn't great, however. All in all, he helped RSL win.

Kyle Beckerman 7 - Beckerman provided RSL with some skilled pick-pocketing. He was there when the pressure was on and was as intense as we have ever seen him. Beckerman was the case in point as to how bad Salt Lake wanted this game.

Javier Morales 8 - Another assist and another goal. This is almost a typical night for Morales these days. At this pace, it seems as though he has another three or so good years left in him. Lucky us.

Juan Manuel Martinez 8.5 - Is it too early to say that this may be the best DP that RSL has acquired in its relatively short history? "EL BURRITO" chants were ringing through the stadium after the showing he gave us. His calm confidence on the ball is world class. He is able to create something even with four defenders in his path. If you want to see how good he is, watch the highlight of Devon Sandoval's second goal. Martinez does the impossible to get him the ball with his left foot. Consider this. Five of the last six RSL goals have been created by Martinez.

Joao Plata 7 - Plata may have been robbed of a beautiful goal, but it doesn't matter. He was connecting well with his teammates and helped earn RSL its three goals.

Devon Sandoval 8.5 - Sandoval got a brace against the L.A. Galaxy. Who would have guessed that going in? Clearly his confidence is through the roof right now. He is feeling it. Neither one of his goals came easy either. The first one was a skill check with a left-footed volley and the second was a perfectly placed header.


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