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Javier Morales makes huge impact against Santa Tecla, but may be injured

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Javier Morales has an incredible knack for making the right pass at the right time, and it was exactly that which saw him turn Real Salt Lake's match against Santa Tecla into a thrilling win from a disappointing loss.

But slightly worryingly, Morales looked to have picked up an injury during his appearance. Jeff Cassar reportedly said it was his hip flexor but only a tightening — and that the injury might not keep him out at all.

Cassar emphasized that every player on the bench was ready to play if called on, and the state of the match — down 1-0 — demanded a meaningful change, which brought Morales and Kyle Beckerman into the game.

They are all professionals. They were all preparing like they were going to have to play. At the end of the day it's good that they got a workout in rather than having the day completely off.

But, we've got to make sure that Javi is OK right now. I don't think it's too bad. I think it's just tightened up, I don't think it pulled on him. He's a smart player and he put himself in a position where he didn't have to play anything long.

He had the chance to play some longer balls but played it smart. And the others players knew that Javi was going to be like that so they were tuned in defensively. Luis and Kyle did a great job behind him.

Source: RSL Communications

Kyle Beckerman echoed the sentiments, praising him for his impact.

You really can't replace him. I have said it so many times, how special he is. It will be extremely tough. It will take an effort from everyone to pitch in a little extra if he can't play. We will look at him tomorrow and hopefully he will be good to go. He is a strong guy and comes back good. He should be alright.

Source: RSL Communications