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Player ratings: RSL 2:1 Santa Tecla

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Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella 6 - Attinella didn't have a very demanding night with just one shot on goal from Santa Tecla. unfortunately for Attinella, the ball went through his legs with Vasquez blocking his view.

Tony Beltran 6.5 - Beltran was great in his cutbacks and maintaining the ball but his shots and passing were a bit off.

Elias Vasquez 5.5 - Vasquez is going to be a great center back with some consistent minutes and experience. He might turn out to be very solid just like Maund has learned to iron out the wrinkles, but he isn't there yet. The goal that Santa Tecla got was preventable with Vasquez right there. He fell asleep briefly and let the attacker get behind him and it turned out badly.

Aaron Maund 6.5 - Maund once again was solid. He has put together a good amount of strong performances and has proven himself to be a starter. It will be interesting to see what direction RSL goes in the offseason with the center back position. On this night though, nothing was getting through him.

Abdoulie Mansally 6 - Mansally was pretty good and athletically he was superior to his opponents. He had a pretty good look at the goal and probably waited to long to decide to shoot or pass, but overall had a good night.

Luke Mulholland 6 - Mulholland was putting in the work on the defensive end and found a couple of streaking attackers but overall had an average night.

Wellington Paeckart 6 - Pecka did a good job in the defensive midfield role. He dug in and got dirty when he needed to and played great recovery and help defense.

Luis Gil 6.5 - Gil was humming for chunks of the game. He had a really good look at goal that was just inches wide and unfortunately for him, he was unable to put in his first goal of the season. He looked even better with Morales and Martinez on the field to play off of.

Joao Plata 6.5 - If anyone was unlucky on the night, it was Plata. He very well should have had two goals were it not for some great saves from Trinidad. He looked like one of the best players on the field for much of the night but was simply unable to break through.

Sebastian Jaime 5.5 - Jaime had a pretty quiet night outside of almost poaching a couple goals on the rebound. For him to flourish, it seems that he needs the best players on the field.

Olmes Garcia 7 - Garcia got the game-tying goal and it wasn't a simple goal. He had to do a side header over the keeper to get it in. He ran himself silly on the night and had a good performance. The thing he is missing now is to make better if not complicated runs to find space.


Javier Morales 7.5 - Morales came on and within the span of about 10 minutes had two assists. That with a hobbled leg.

Juan Manuel Martinez 7 - Martinez brought quality to the field that Santa Tecla simply couldn't handle. Case in point - his chip goal.

Kyle Beckerman 6.5 - Beckerman came on and raised the intensity level. Through his level of play, he forced his teammates around him to take it up a notch and it paid off.