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RSL lose to San Jose off of a deflected goal

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The first half left a bit too much to be desired for the visiting team. Jordan Allen suffered a couple of early fouls and much like Allen lost his footing from the fouls, RSL never really gained theirs for the rest of the half only getting one shot off that wasn't worth much. San Jose had 10 shots in the first 45 minutes, a handful of them due to some shaky defense from Salt Lake. Olave and Allen took their turns losing their footing, but in fairness everyone did a good job of providing some help defense and none of the San Jose chances came too easy. When the teams headed to the tunnels it was clear that RSL was missing the presence and quality of Javier Morales and that they needed some renewed energy in the upcoming half.

Early in the second half Chris Wondolowski found space as is expected of him and somehow Nick Rimando showed up just in time to prevent what would have been a point plank goal. Jeff Cassar knew that he needed to shuffle the deck and brought on Demar Phillips and Olmes Garcia for Jordan Allen and Luis Silva with about 30 minutes left in the game pushing Juan Manuel Martinez into the middle of the field. RSL's best chance came in the 77th minute with Joao Plata and Kyle Beckerman off of a give and go but David Bingham made himself big and prevented the goal. Things got scary in the 80th with Wondolowski and Perez Garcia both getting shots off but not being able to convert. Shortly after Phillips found a streaking Plata who got the ball at his feet. Plata ended up in the goal but the ball did not. The 87th minute doomed RSL with Perez-Garcia getting a goal off of a deflection. He was sent off for picking up his second yellow card for taking off his shirt in celebration. The advantage came too late for RSL and they lost on the road when they desperately needed three points.