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Player ratings: San Jose 1-0 RSL

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 7 - Rimando was the best player on the night for RSL. He came up with some great saves and kept Chris Wondolowski off the board with a point blank save. He had 20 shots to deal with and only let one get in off of a deflection.

Jordan Allen 4.5 - Allen looked great at outside back the past couple of games, but it didn't quite work this game. Shea Salinas got the best of him on the night.

Jamison Olave 5 - Olave and Amarikwa battled and Olave did not come out on top as much as you would have expected. Many of his clearances were right back to San Jose players. Not his best night.

Aaron Maund 5 - Maund and Olave prevented a lot of goals, but way too many shots were allowed.

Tony Beltran 5.5 - Beltran was one of the few players providing decent service on the night, but his marking on set pieces was disappointing.

Luke Mulholland 5.5- Mulholland played with grit on defense but his passes were just not connecting like usual.

Kyle Beckerman 6 - Beckerman tried to up the intensity level and had one of RSL's best shots on the night but it was for naught unfortunately. He did, however, nearly have an assist if Plata would have finished his chance.

Luis Silva 3.5 - Silva was given a great opportunity to take control of the game and make his mark. Too bad for all of us, he was not involved in the game outside of a few touches. He did not assert himself or show that he is capable of driving the offense. It was a missed chance.

Juan Manuel Martinez 5.5 - Martinez did not have the kind of game that we have seen from him over the past few. He had a hard time getting involved until he was put into the midfield and was uncharacteristically dispossessed by the Earthquakes' defenders on multiple occasions.

Joao Plata 4 - Plata was just not very good. He had two clear chances that he did not take advantage of and his decision making on the ball left us scratching our heads. There was no flash and positive energy from him that we are used to seeing.

Devon Sandoval 5 - Sandoval worked his butt off as usual, but sometimes that doesn't lead to good play. He did not find space like he usually does and was unable to do much.


Olmes Garcia - 6 Garcia brought some much needed speed to the game but it was not quite enough. He set up Plata perfectly and what resulted was Plata in the net but not the ball.

Demar Phillips - 6 Phillips created some positive play and did well coming off the bench to give RSL a shot in the arm.

Sebastian Jaime - N/A