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Jaime-to-Chile rumors resurface after quiet week

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors that Sebastian Jaime would be departing for Chile popped up again, with a report from Futbol Todo indicating that the striker would join Universidad Catolica.

But just because there's a report doesn't mean there's a move imminent. These rumors have popped up before — about a week ago, in fact — and those were quashed by RSL general manager Craig Waibel.

Of course, they weren't permanently quashed, but put more on the backburner than anything. Waibel indicated that he hadn't been in contact with anybody regarding a deal, but that he was open to the notion.

"I haven't read them or received a phone call yet, so unless there's someone else doing a deal, I'm not sure," he said in an interview on ESPN 700 on Jan. 6. "As of now, no contact."

As a result, it's difficult to say whether there's been contact since then or it's just a resurgence of that same rumor.

With a move for Yura Movsisyan reportedly imminent, a departure for one of Real Salt Lake's strikers isn't totally out of the question.