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Dunny drops big hint, Movsisyan deal seems imminent

Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

The official return of Yura Movsisyan could come as early as noon today, with Brian Dunseth dropping a big hint about a forthcoming announcement from Real Salt Lake.

In an interview with ESPN 700's Bill Riley yesterday, Waibel responde to the Movsisyan rumblings, and it was easily the most concrete he's been about it. An excerpt follows.

You're right, it's not a very well-kept secret.

We're in a healthy part of the negotiations. We all have reasons to be extremely optimistic about the end result, bringing Yura back. There are some very clear requests on both ends right now — not only from us, but from Spartak — and we're all respecting each others' requests.

So there's nothing final to announce, but we're all optimistic. But it's been a really respectful, really professional negotiation the whole way. We're in a good spot; we've been taking a little bit longer, but it's just that everyone's being thorough about it.