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Sebastian Jaime to join Chilean club, mutually parts ways with Real Salt Lake

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Jaime will join CD Universidad Catolica in Chile after reaching a mutual agreement to part ways with Real Salt Lake and MLS.

Jaime joined Real Salt Lake in late 2014 after a four-year spell at Chilean outfit Union Espanola. He joined RSL as a designated player, and after a goalless spell that stretched until mid-June 2015, showed some potent ability in front of the net.

The arrival of Yura Movsisyan to Real Salt Lake certainly precipitated this move, which would have made Jaime a backup — and at 28 (nearly 29), there may have been a sense from Jaime that his peak years would be best served playing rather than sitting on the bench.

The move had been rumored for some weeks, but despite several rumors that he would be departing on loan before this, their accuracy was denied by RSL general manager Craig Waibel. The agreement apparently came to fruition in the last day.

Jaime leaves Real Salt Lake having scored five goals over 26 games.