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RSL releases new home kit: They're very red

Courtesy of Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake released their new kit today, and our first reaction? It's red.

That's not to say it's not nice — in fact, it is crisp and clean in a way the 2014-15 kit simply wasn't. It's straight red with yellow Adidas stripes, and there's a little blue around the collar.

It's as simple a kit as we've had since 2005, outside of those plain white away kits. In fact, this hearkens back to 2005 in an interesting way, when there were no blue sleeves to be found.

The blue on the collar adds an interesting touch, providing a bit of that collared-shirt look without being over the top or unnecessary.

Whatever you think of these new things, they're not — well, they're not bad at all. After the last home kit, it's nice to have something that doesn't have a weird embellishment that takes the better part of an hour to really grasp.