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American soccer community rallies around RSL fan in need

If you've ever been to a match at Rio Tinto Stadium, there's a pretty strong chance you've met Ryan Terry — he's a mohawked Real Salt Lake fan with a loud voice and among the strongest personalities you'll ever encounter.

That's true whether you're from Salt Lake City or simply a traveling fan — gregarious probably doesn't begin to describe him. But beyond all that, he's friendly, caring and giving — traits that have made him an icon at the stadium.

Recently — within the past few weeks — Ryan has had some serious medical trouble, and it's left him in the intensive care unit. Because of that, some of his friends have organized an attempt to raise some funds to help him and his family through GoFundMe.

One of those friends who's played a pivotal role is Brian Dunseth, RSL color commentator and former player — but most importantly, a good friend to the man. With his help and some push from other figures from the league (notably, Landon Donovan), the goal has been met — and it's a reminder that no matter how divisive things can seem from city to city, there's an American soccer community that helps where it can.

This isn't a plea to help Ryan and his medical situation, but a reminder that we're all in this together, and that there are some kind, genuine people out there. Ryan is and remains a good friend to many of us in the RSL community, and you can rest assured that he'd do the same for others in need, given the opportunity.