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Three questions with LAG Confidential

MLS: LA Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

RSL Soapbox) How big of a loss was it to lose Zardes for the season and is L.A. capable of a MLS Cup win without him?

LAG Confidential) Losing Gyasi was huge. Landon Donovan’s return has been a welcome distraction from a Galaxy attack that has simply never gotten into a rhythm this season. Bruce has a lot of pieces to work with, but LA are basically winging it from here on out.

Can the Galaxy win the cup? LA has the talent, so anything is possible.

RSL Soapbox) Does Boateng seem to own other teams like he does RSL? He has wreaked havoc on Real Salt Lake this year.

LAG Confidential) As MLS editor Matt Doyle has noted, teams who play RSL are able to dictate the midfield, a scenario tailor-made for a speedster like Boating to wreak havoc on the back line. The Ghanian has two goals and five assists all year, and two of his goals and assists came from two starts vs. Real Salt Lake.

RSL Soapbox) Is Robbie Keane in the kind of form that the Galaxy need him to be this time of year?

LAG Confidential) Quite frankly, no. That being said, i doubt there is a fiercer competitor in the league. Don’t underestimate that Keane is playing for a new contract, and I doubt he wants to leave LA a loser.

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