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Player ratings: San Jose 2-1 RSL

MLS: Real Salt Lake at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6 Rimando had a couple of really impressive saves and he was able to keep Wondolowski off the board somehow. On the other hand, two goals got in and I thought his reactions were a bit slow on each.

Tony Beltran - 7 Tony was putting in the work and was one of the few players that looked determined to get a result on the night.

Justen Glad - 6.5 Glad got the goal that pulled RSL back into the game, but his marking was suspect and Nick Rimando had to get in his face a couple times about it.

Jamison Olave - 5 Olave didn’t have a particularly great game, nor can you point your finger at him to blame him for either goal.

Demar Phillips - 5 Phillips wasn’t bad, he just was unable to get much going in the attack.

Sunny Obayan - 5.5 Sunny was sharp on the ball and looked aggressive for much of the night. It seemed like he took his foot off the pedal for periods of time.

Kyle Beckerman - 5 Beckerman’s game was a bit off and he wasn’t playing with the tenacity that we are used to.

Javier Morales - 4.5 Morales was doing his best to create, it just wasn’t very effective.

Juan Manuel Martinez - 3 Burrito was off all night long. His passing was off the mark the whole game and he seems to have lost his magic. He also got caught in a trap that forced him to foul which led to the San Jose go-ahead goal.

Olmes Garcia - 4 Olmes took some questionable shots and was, simply put, not good enough.

Joao Plata - 5 Plata had two good looks at the goal, the best chances of the night in fact. But he couldn’t finish them. This has been RSL’s problem for the past five games. There are chances, but chances aren’t goals.


Yura Movsisyan - 4.5 It’s a bit unfair to give Movsisyan a low rating since he sacrificed his body to be on the field. But clearly, he wasn’t able to do what he wanted to.

Luke Mulholland - 4 Luke got on the field with about 5 minutes, and he got two shots off. Unfortunately, his shot choices were questionable at best.

Jordan Allen - 5 Allen came on late and didn’t have enough time to get in a good rhythm but he neither helped nor hurt.