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2016 Community Ratings: You rank the players

It’s not November 8, but we want you to vote anyway.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for 2016 to be over? Yeah, we are, too. To help pass the time until Real Salt Lake starts back up again, we’re embarking on a series of player profiles — you know, like the profiles we’ve been doing for four years running now.

All players with around 1,000 minutes have been marked as required on the form — you are highly encouraged to vote for other players if you feel you have a good understanding of what they brought to the team, but it’s not strictly required.

Here's the general scale we use as writers at RSL Soapbox:

  • 1 - Awful, horrible, useless.
  • 2 - Slightly better than 1.
  • 3 - You get the picture.
  • 4 - Yep.
  • 5 - Middling at best. Made very rare contributions. Should not be on the squad.
  • 6 - Has some value. Could be worse. Could be better.
  • 7 - Good player, but not a true standout. Typically plays reasonably well.
  • 8 - Great player. Occasionally changes games.
  • 9 - Fantastic player. True difference-maker.
  • 10 - Absolutely brilliant.

And here's what resident player ratings expert Randal Serr adds:

For me, everyone starts at 5. They can either earn a higher or lower rating, but they all start at 5.

That said, if a player only features once or twice a year, that should be taken into account. For example, Kavita shouldn't end up with a higher rating than Burrito. Even if Kavita had one great game, he did not contribute to the season more positively than Burrito.

If you aren’t able to use the form below, you can visit the form individually and fill it out there. And, as always, talk in the comments — let’s have a good spirited discussion.

And no: You can’t rate the coach.