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Waibel on Javi departure: “We don’t know” final decision

We know one thing: That we know nothing.

Real Salt Lake v Portland Timbers - Western Conference Championship - Leg 2

Javier Morales is leaving Real Salt Lake. Probably. Maybe.

Alright, let’s be clear for a second. There’s less that we know about this situation than we think we know. Morales has said he’s leaving, Waibel has just thrown up a flag — wait, just one second, he’s saying.

What we’re to understand from this is that Craig Waibel knows about as much as we do. Or, well, he knows a lot more, but he doesn’t know everything.

Here’s an excerpt from his press conference. It’s exactly what the video from Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani above says.

I don’t think that decision has been made final yet. We had a meeting last week, and unfortunately, it didn’t go exactly as scripted. Not every meeting ends with handshakes and hugs, and there are some very difficult conversations that are had. I think Javi’s a class act. I think Javi will let us know today what his intentions are, and we will fully support whatever they are. Until we know, we don’t know.