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MLS Expansion Draft 2016 live stream, what to know

Will an RSL player get picked up in the draft? We’ll just have to wait and see.

MLS Atlanta Launch Event Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for MLS Atlanta

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: MLS Expansion Draft time!

OK, I get it. It’s not really anybody’s favorite, but you know what — it’s interesting, all the same. And it’s important that we watch, really. So if you have an opportunity to take a lunch break today at your normal time, but in front of a computer, or if you have to sneak off and watch on your phone, you might want to.

How to watch

What to know

  • RSL has only one player unprotected that is currently on the roster: Jeff Attinella. While there is some concern that he’d be an excellent pick as a starting goalkeeper for Minnesota United, you might not need to worry.
  • After all, there are a number of goalkeepers available today, from Toronto’s Clint Irwin, who impressed at times in a starting role with Colorado Rapids from 2013 to 2015, to LA Galaxy’s Dan Kennedy, who has held a starting position at several points in his career.
  • Most of RSL’s young players are automatically protected, as they’re homegrown. It makes this an easier pill to swallow, really.
  • Of course, some players RSL won’t be bringing back — or at least aren’t currently under contract with the club — are unprotected, but it remains to be seen if the club extends an offer.

Live stream