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Trib: Waibel looking at three free agents

Who could RSL be looking to in free agency?

Matt Montgomery

Real Salt Lake is looking toward discussions with three free agents, according to a report from Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani.

"The way we're trying to balance out our acquisitions this offseason, based on experience, based on game-to-game impact, we've evaluated it and we think there's three guys out there that we need to have a conversation with," Waibel said. "Hopefully we can attract them, but free agency is free agency. Every guy has a different need and a different desire when they enter into free agency. Sometimes it's strictly financial, sometimes it's quality of life, sometimes it's a balance. We'll have those conversations in the next week."

It’s not yet clear who those players are, but Major League Soccer has put together a list of players available for free agency. There’s an interactive table below you can browse for ideas on who that could be — certainly, it’s probably none of the current RSL players listed.

MLS Free agents

Player Previous Team Status for 2017 Guaranteed Compensation, 2016
Player Previous Team Status for 2017 Guaranteed Compensation, 2016
Alston, Kevin Orlando Option $130,000.00
Ashe, Corey Columbus Option $105,500.00
Barnes, Darrius New England Out of Contract $116,666.67
Barrett, Chad San Jose Option $95,500.00
Beasley, DaMarcus Houston Out of Contract $813,333.33
Borchers, Nat Portland Out of Contract $255,000.00
Franklin, Sean D.C. United Out of Contract $256,666.67
Gomez, Herculez Seattle Out of Contract $62,500.08
Goodson, Clarence San Jose Option $342,000.00
Gordon, Alan LA Galaxy Out of Contract $170,000.00
Hernandez, Jason NYCFC Option $210,000.00
Horst, David Houston Out of Contract $91,343.75
Johnson, Will Toronto FC Out of Contract $395,333.33
Kronberg, Eric Montreal Out of Contract $145,200.00
LaBrocca, Nick Chicago Option $110,000.00
Larentowicz, Jeff LA Galaxy Out of Contract $175,000.00
Le Toux, Sebastian Colorado Out of Contract $310,228.13
Lenhart, Steven San Jose Option $179,083.33
Magee, Mike LA Galaxy Out of Contract $250,000.00
Mapp, Justin Sporting KC Option $239,070.00
Morales, Javier Real Salt Lake Option $590,000.00
Myers, Chance Sporting KC Out of Contract $225,000.00
Oduro, Dominic Montreal Out of Contract $235,000.00
Olave, Jamison Real Salt Lake Option $215,000.00
Pappa, Marco Colorado Option $110,000.00
Peterson, Jacob Sporting KC Out of Contract $144,625.00
Reynish, Kyle NY Red Bulls Out of Contract $62,500.00
Scott, Zach Seattle Option $62,500.00
Sturgis, Nathan Seattle Option $62,508.00
Wingert, Chris Real Salt Lake Out of Contract $235,000.00
Wynne, Marvell San Jose Out of Contract $224,375.00
MLS Soccer

So — any thoughts?