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MLS Re-Entry Draft list includes three from RSL

Olmes Garcia, John Stertzer, and Devon Sandoval are available in today’s draft.

Real Salt Lake v Orlando City SC Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Today’s draft — we can’t even say this week’s draft in MLS — is the MLS Re-Entry Draft, and if you’re wondering what that is, you’re probably not alone.

It’s a draft to allow clubs an opportunity to pick up a player whose option has been declined or who is out of contract, and it’s a two-stage draft. This is the first stage, and players who are selected must be given a contract offer or picked up at their option salary. Importantly, players can also opt out of the re-entry draft, choosing to explore other options — perhaps with their current club, perhaps in another league, or for some other reasons.

Real Salt Lake’s entrants to the list: Olmes Garcia, John Stertzer, and Devon Sandoval. Aaron Maund, who is out of contract (unless the club has re-signed him without announcing it) is not available in the draft, which bodes well.

Additionally, several RSL players who might have been available in years past aren’t — that’s thanks to the free agency rule. We might see Chris Wingert and Jamison Olave explore such options.

MLS Re-Entry Draft list

2016 CLUB PLAYERS 2017 STATUS Guaranteed Position
2016 CLUB PLAYERS 2017 STATUS Guaranteed Position
CHI Cocis, Razvan Option Decline 160,000.00 M
CHI Gehrig, Eric Option Decline 112,708.33 D
CHI McLain, Patrick Option Decline 72,500.00 GK
CHI Stephens, Michael Option Decline 115,000.00 M
CLB Clark, Steve Option Decline 238,333.33 GK
CLB Barson, Chad Out of Contract 63,000.00 D
COL Doyle, Conor Option Decline 67,250.00 F
DC Korb, Chris Out of Contract 116,379.83 D
DC Dykstra, Andrew Option Decline 85,700.00 GK
DC Saborio, Alvaro Option Decline 535,500.00 F
FCD Paparatto, Norberto Option Decline 174,999.96 D
FCD Rosales, Mauro Option Decline 62,500.00 M
HOU Maidana, Cristian Option Decline 237,600.00 M
HOU Mansally, Abdoulie Out of Contract 84,000.00 D
LA Da Silva, Leonardo Option Decline 165,000.00 D
MTL Bekker, Kyle Out of Contract 94,191.50 M
NE Neumann, Steve Option Decline 62,500.00 M-F
NE Kobayashi, Daigo Out of Contract 132,000.00 M
NYCFC Taylor, Tony Option Decline 91,875.00 F
NYRB Ouimette, Karl Option Decline 63,000.00 D
ORL Ribeiro, Pedro Option Decline 63,000.00 M-F
PHI Fernandes, Leo Out of Contract 63,000.00 M
POR Klute, Chris Option Decline 91,921.80 D
POR Konopka, Chris Option Decline 64,999.96 GK
POR Taylor, Jermaine Option Decline 150,000.00 D
RSL Garcia, Olmes Option Decline 160,000.00 F
RSL Stertzer, John Option Decline 75,166.67 M
RSL Sandoval, Devon Out of Contract 67,500.00 F
SEA Farfan, Michael Option Decline 80,000.00 M
SEA Lowe, Damion Option Decline 77,412.50 D
SEA Ockford, Jimmy Option Decline 63,000.00 D
SEA Remick, Dylan Option Decline 63,000.00 D
SJ Meredith, Bryan Option Decline 63,000.00 GK
SJ Sherrod, Mark Option Decline 63,000.00 F
SJ Nyassi, Sanna Out of Contract 141,250.00 M
SJ Stewart, Jordan Out of Contract 100,000.00 M-D
SKC Kempin, Jonathan Option Decline 82,750.00 GK
TFC Williams, Josh Out of Contract 131,250.00 D
TFC Lovitz, Daniel Option Decline 63,000.00 M
VAN Morales, Pedro Option Decline 1,471,400.00 M
VAN Perez, Blas Out of Contract 225,750.00 F
MLS Soccer / MLS Players Union