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The RSL Show - Episode 21 - Rumor Mill

Your favorite Real Salt Lake-focused podcast is back, and they’re starting up the rumor mill. Get ready.

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Take everything we say here with a teaspoon of salt, not even a grain. We were asked questions and we tried to provide answers. NONE of this has any sort of team confirmation and it's all very hypothetical.

That said, it is the silly season so have some fun looking into the guys we talk about.

Little bit of talk about the potential addition of Matt Van Oekel (pretty sure we slaughtered his name) which has some legs and is really the only thing factually based that we talk about.

Andy Williams tweeted a picture of an Atletico Nacional game so we talk about some hypothetical moves that could be done there.

AND we talk more about the HGPs that we're keeping our eyes on.

Remember, just two random dudes with a microphone.