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MLS releases stage two Re-Entry Draft list

There aren’t too many surprises on this list.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow spells the final draft of the year for Major League Soccer — the second stage of the 2016 Re-Entry Draft — and the league just released an updated eligibility list.

Below is our initial list, complete with salaries, updated to include the player’s status — remember, players can withdraw from the draft, and teams can enter into negotiations with their own players, too.

Real Salt Lake’s three available players remain available, and all told, there aren’t too many players unexpectedly withdrawn. Former RSL striker Alvaro Saborio remains on the list.

An earlier version of this story indicated that Pedro Morales had been withdrawn. That is not the case.

If a player is selected by a team in the second stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft, the selecting team can negotiate a new salary; in the first stage, an offer must be tendered that either matches their option year salary or is a “genuine offer.”

2016 Re-Entry Draft List, updated

2016 Club Players 2017 Status Guaranteed Status
2016 Club Players 2017 Status Guaranteed Status
CHI Cocis, Razvan Option Decline 160,000.00 In
CHI Gehrig, Eric Option Decline 112,708.33 In
CHI McLain, Patrick Option Decline 72,500.00 Out
CHI Stephens, Michael Option Decline 115,000.00 In
CLB Clark, Steve Option Decline 238,333.33 In
CLB Barson, Chad Out of Contract 63,000.00 In
COL Doyle, Conor Option Decline 67,250.00 In
DC Korb, Chris Out of Contract 116,379.83 In
DC Dykstra, Andrew Option Decline 85,700.00 In
DC Saborio, Alvaro Option Decline 535,500.00 In
FCD Paparatto, Norberto Option Decline 174,999.96 In
FCD Rosales, Mauro Option Decline 62,500.00 In
HOU Maidana, Cristian Option Decline 237,600.00 In
HOU Mansally, Abdoulie Out of Contract 84,000.00 In
LA Da Silva, Leonardo Option Decline 165,000.00 In
MTL Bekker, Kyle Out of Contract 94,191.50 In
NE Neumann, Steve Option Decline 62,500.00 In
NE Kobayashi, Daigo Out of Contract 132,000.00 Out
NYCFC Taylor, Tony Option Decline 91,875.00 In
NYRB Ouimette, Karl Option Decline 63,000.00 In
ORL Ribeiro, Pedro Option Decline 63,000.00 In
PHI Fernandes, Leo Out of Contract 63,000.00 In
POR Klute, Chris Option Decline 91,921.80 In
POR Konopka, Chris Option Decline 64,999.96 In
POR Taylor, Jermaine Option Decline 150,000.00 In
RSL Garcia, Olmes Option Decline 160,000.00 In
RSL Stertzer, John Option Decline 75,166.67 In
RSL Sandoval, Devon Out of Contract 67,500.00 In
SEA Farfan, Michael Option Decline 80,000.00 In
SEA Lowe, Damion Option Decline 77,412.50 In
SEA Ockford, Jimmy Option Decline 63,000.00 In
SEA Remick, Dylan Option Decline 63,000.00 Out
SJ Meredith, Bryan Option Decline 63,000.00 Out
SJ Sherrod, Mark Option Decline 63,000.00 In
SJ Nyassi, Sanna Out of Contract 141,250.00 In
SJ Stewart, Jordan Out of Contract 100,000.00 In
SKC Kempin, Jonathan Option Decline 82,750.00 In
TFC Williams, Josh Out of Contract 131,250.00 In
TFC Lovitz, Daniel Option Decline 63,000.00 In
VAN Morales, Pedro Option Decline 1,471,400.00 In
VAN Perez, Blas Out of Contract 225,750.00 In