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Javier Morales, a cryptic tweet, and the RSL front office

The Maestro is back at it on Twitter, and we’re not sure what this one means.

Matt Montgomery

Javier Morales just can’t stop making this offseason an interesting one, and his latest dispatch from his post-Real Salt Lake career is only continuing that trend.

We’re really just sitting here scratching our heads, so let’s just have you read the message.

There is a conflict between those who knows, but they can’t speak and those who lie and knows how to speak, It is unfortunate that in this case the power deteriorate the truth. This is a struggle between truth and power, but the truth has no power and power is leaning on the audacity and the lie.....because this one will never know about soccer.

What does this mean? That’s a question without an easy answer. But here’s what we do know about the message:

  • It was likely sent from Argentina, given the timestamp and the time of tweet — Buenos Aires is four hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time.
  • It could be related to whatever conflict Morales had with Real Salt Lake coach Jeff Cassar and general manager Craig Waibel, certainly.
  • It’s worth noting at the town hall with Waibel this week, he was adamant that he had nothing negative to say about Morales, and that there were two sides to every story.

So — let’s have it. Interpret away. But this tweet might just take the cake.