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Player Ratings: Rimando shines, Olave struggles as Tigres beat RSL 2-0

Who impressed and who struggled? We're breaking down RSL's 2-0 loss.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando 8 - Rimando made a beautiful PK save against Gignac and was positionally sound the entire game. The two goals that got past him were not his fault by any means.

Demar Phillips 6.5 - Phillips was quite possibly the best player for RSL in the first half and had a pretty good second half as well. He hustled to win balls and looked dominant for much of the game.

Jamison Olave 3.5 - If you were forced to blame the two Tigres goals on someone, it would be hard not to point out Olave's glaring mistakes on each one. His slow reactions were the detriment of RSL in this one. Time will tell, but hopefully Olave does not continue to be a liability on set pieces.

Aaron Maund 6 - For not having much experience internationally, Maund looked pretty sharp and confident. He was not outmatched by any means and continues to show why he deserves to be a consistent starter.

Tony Beltran 5.5 - Beltran was good on defense and only got beat once or twice. The play that will haunt fans will be the pass to Movsisyan that was just enough behind him that he couldn't take advantage of the opportunity. If it was placed in front of him, RSL likely would have gone up early.

Sunny Obayan 6.5 - Sunny looked good, am I right? He is clearly a player that does not have any lack of confidence. He did not make the highlight reel, but he played very well.

Kyle Beckerman 5.5 - Beckerman's best work came on defense. His passes to the attackers were not quite as sharp as we are used to, but that is bound to happen this early on.

Javier Morales 5.5 - Morales was a great catalyst to RSL's bright first half, but fatigue set in and Morales' sharpness went down.

Juan Manuel Martinez 6 - Apparently Morales is no longer the RSL player that will take a beating from game to game. If the match against Tigres is any indication, Martinez is in for a lot of bruises because teams respect his quality and have very few options to slow him down. Burrito had a really nice first half and was inches away from a few breakaways.

Joao Plata 5.5 - Plata looked as energetic as anyone for the full 90 minutes but was unable to do more with the half chances he had.

Yura Movsisyan 6 - Movsisyan created at least four chances for RSL, but was unable to finish any of them. Hopefully later in the season he is more clinical.


Olmes Garcia - 4.5 Garcia was brought on to stretch the field but was not there when other forwards were.

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