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RSL's red card problem continues unabated in 2-2 draw against Portland

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake was reduced to nine men for the third time since April 2015 against Portland Timbers in a 2-2 draw.

Let that sink in. Three times in the last year, the team has been shown two red cards in a single match.

The team has been so affected only five times in their history, the club tweeted after Jamison Olave was sent off for RSL's third red card in 2016. Kyle Beckerman had been sent off earlier in the match for his first red card since 2012.

This trend of awful, unnecessary red cards — accepting that there have been occasional injustices — is a black (or red?) mark on this team and this coaching staff. While there's little point in pointing fingers immediately after two red cards, neither of which seem necessarily endemic of a tactical or strategic style,

In being sent off, Jamison Olave received his tenth MLS career red card. That ties him for the most in the history of the league, tied with Clint Mathis for the dubious honor.

Whatever the case, if there aren't solutions for this sort of problem within the team, it might be time for changes from outside.