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RSL come within inches of advancing

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Without much fanfare, the game started and had a bit of a lethargic feel to it. Tigres had no intention of taking risks and it showed. RSL was patient waiting for the defense to show some weakness and things started to give with Yura Movsisyan connecting well with his teammates. Chances started showing up for RSL in between some solid defensive stops from Aaron Maund and Chris Wingert. Some fantastic build up play from RSL resulted in a goal from Joao Plata assisted by Yura Movsisyan, but it started with a nice outlet from Nick Rimando. RSL didn't celebrate too much knowing that they still had a lot of work to do. Salt Lake looked calm but aggressive and the half chances kept coming with Tigres' defense showing signs of weakness against the RSL attack with Javier Morales and Burrito Martinez pulling strings. Yura was showing up all over the field and Sunny Obayan looked like one of the best players on the field. Salt Lake went into the half up one in the leg and down one in the series.

The home team came out of the gate with the same gathered urgency that they had in the first half and once again, Movsisyan was all over the place giving Tigres headaches. About the 60th minute there was a close call with what seemed to be a goal for Gignac but was ultimately ruled offsides. Salt Lake was definitely top heavy starting around the 65th minute with Nick Rimando coming way out of the box on more than a few occasions. Burrito drew a foul in the box around the 70th minute and Javier Morales took it but Guzman was able to save it and prolong the tension. RSL threw everything forward and a breakaway dos them in with Gignac scoring and killing the game.