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Player Ratings: Portland 2-2 RSL

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6.5 Nick's last save on Jack McInerney was Goal of the Week worthy for its difficulty, but also preserved a point for RSL when it looked like a sure thing for Portland.

Chris Wingert - 6 Wingert is officially the best back up outside back in the league by my liking. With these kinds of performances, he might be a first choice CB before long.

Aaron Maund - 6.5 Another display of consistency from Maund. He had his hands full against the Timbers forward corps but handled it well for the vast majority of the match.

Jamison Olave - 4 This one is hard. Olave had a good game overall which makes me want to give him a higher score but his wild swing to Fanendo Adi's face was an absolute lack of discipline and was completely unecessary. Obviously, that make things hard for RSL since it brought them to nine men when they likely could have had the full three points.

Tony Beltran - 7 Beltran positioned himself well to help prevent a goal or two, but the most impressive thing about Beltran's game was that he was connecting so well with Yura.  Their interplay was fun to watch and Beltran's throw in to Yura began the run on goal.

Kyle Beckerman - 4.5 Beckerman was having a decent match, albeit a bit aggressive. That over aggression led to a red card early on and that never bodes well on the road.

Sunny Obayan - 7.5 What can I say? The guy is quality. He is showing his skills game after game and simultaneously showing us just how good of an investment Craig Waibel made. He took on multiple Timbers through his tackles and play on the ball and it was fun to watch.

Javier Morales - 5.5 Morales looked like he was coming off of a rib injury. He played a bit apprehensively. Not bad, just not gung ho. I'm not sure why or who makes the decisions on this, but Morales is taking less set pieces all the time.

Burrito Martinez - 6.5 This wasn't Martinez's best game of the season, but that's a pretty high standard he has set for himself. Against Portland, we learned how good he is at quickly winning a ball after he loses it.

Yura Movsisyan - 7 Yura's effort was second to none on the night and that effort payed off as it led his first goal of the season off of a throw in. It was his individual determination that earned him the notch.

Joao Plata - 7.5 Plata is on track to have an astounding goal tally this season if he keeps this up. His free kick was well executed and he put the ball where the keeper wasn't after he shifted to his left. Nicely done.


Luke Mulholland - 6 Luke came on when it was hot and heavy and he did a very nice job defending and passing. For not having many minutes under his belt this year, he did really well.

Devon Sandoval - 6 Sandoval, much like Luke, came on when it was getting tough and did a job working like crazy and covering a lot of the field.

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