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Community player ratings results: Beckerman, Olave get low marks vs. Portland

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake's late concession to Portland Timbers may have left fans disappointed, but that anger hasn't been widely directed at players, if our community player ratings results are to be believed.

  • Nick Rimando, 7.5
  • Tony Beltran, 7.1
  • Jamison Olave, 4.2 — red card impact clearly seen here
  • Aaron Maund, 6.2
  • Chris Wingert, 6.7
  • Kyle Beckerman, 4.1 — again, red card impact
  • Sunny, 7.7
  • Javier Morales, 6.0
  • Joao Plata, 7.9
  • Yura Movsisyan, 7.9
  • Burrito Martinez, 7.0


  • Luke Mulholland, 6.0
  • Devon Sandoval, 5.8

Let's take a look at the voting charts for the two red card recipients, Jamison Olave and Kyle Beckerman.

Jamison Olave

First, let's just dismiss the 10 rating here, because it's a clear outlier (8.2 would be the maximum non-outlier rating.) But you can see that because he played most of the match and was very good, he actually received varied ratings.

Kyle Beckerman

On the other hand, Beckerman has a pretty normal bell curve here. You knew how to rate him, outside of outliers.

It's an interesting look at how you rate players.