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Midweek Mailbag: Klinsmann, Rio Tinto food, CB search, Holness and Ovalle

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

You asked, we answered — or tried to, at least. The latest Midweek Mailbag has you asking some good questions, some of which we can speak to, others of which are a bit tougher.

Arthur Felter asks: If USMNT lose and don't qualify for 2018, should Jurgen be fired? If yes, who are the pool of candidates to replace him?

Matt: I — well, I don't know. Yes?

I'm going with yes.

As for the pool of candidates, you have to think that Jason Kreis would be in the discussion, especially after being recruited to work with Klinsmann during the January camp. He's a bold, brazen coach. Maybe that's what we need.

But would he solve all the problems? Probably not — and he might prove just a rebound option, anyway. We'll see.

Randal: I am firmly in the yes camp, but probably not for the same reason as everybody else. My biggest reason is that many of those closest to the game are not saying positive things about Klinsmann and haven't been for months now. For all the positivity that Klinsmann supposedly exudes, it is not trickling down. The Guatemala loss and the outcome of the game tonight are just the straw that broke Klinsmann's back.

As for a replacement, I'm not going to pretend I know enough to have a real idea of who could replace him, but my first reaction woud be Martin Vasquez.

Danny Haws asks: In your opinion, what are the best and most economical food option at the riot?

The easy answer here: Cupbop. It's a sort-of Korean barbecue place, and they'll make your food as spicy as you want it. Personally, I appreciate that. A meal is also not particularly more expensive than it is at their brick and mortar locations, or their numerous food trucks.

Additionally, everyone's excited about the arrival of R&R Barbecue to the pavilion, which certainly speaks to some people. They apparently have an 'all you can eat' option, and it's less than buying two separate meals, so there's probably something to that option.

Randal: Best option? Cupbop. It is as flavorful of an option as exists at Rio Tinto Stadium or anywhere else in the valley for that matter. It is a bit overpriced, but still so very good.

Jesse Roberts asks: Any updates on signing a CB?


This brings me no small amount of heartache. I'd really like another center back. All quiet on the western front — once again.

Randal: I think it is safe to assume that Waibel and company are doing their homework this time and playing it safe. That was the last update we had so that's about all we can conclude.

Jesse Roberts asks: How is Omar Holness doing? When can we expect to see him back on the field?

By all accounts, he's doing as well as can be expected. As for a timeframe for his return, that's very much in the air. It sounds like it'll take until the end of the week to do some preliminary tests, and those will likely guide his return. We're hoping he gets to return sooner rather than later, but more than that, we're hoping that he's healthy in the long-term. Chris Kamrani had a good piece about it this week.

Tucker Samuelsen asks: "Where oh where is Fito Ovalle? Injured? On holiday? On loan? About to be transferred?"

Great question, and we had a nice answer prepared about how we didn't know much. Since then, Kamrani talked to Craig Waibel about him — he's "sorting out some personal things." Hope all's well with Ovalle, then.