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Community Ratings: Burrito, Plata on top as RSL ties Orlando 2-2

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake's 2-2 draw with Orlando City prompted some strong opinions — as usual, and we'd have it no other way — and that made this player ratings a particularly interesting one to map out.

You'll note that the defense was scored particularly poorly, and that's probably justified with the late result. We do wonder how things would have differed if the match ended three minutes later, but you know what they say about "ifs and ands".

A few notes: We're just taking raw averages while removing any conspicuous voting tendencies (such as the result set that saw everyone rated "1" except Luke Mulholland, who had "10.")

Additionally, while there are often questions about scale, there wasn't too much variety when it came down to the final rankings.

  • Nick Rimando: 6.5 — A strong performance with two conceded goals left Rimando with a 1.5 rating standard deviation, so there's a lot of variation among these selections
  • Tony Beltran: 6.7
  • Jamison Olave: 3.6 — The most frequent ratings for Olave were 4s
  • Aaron Maund: 4.4
  • Demar Phillips: 1.9 — This is the lowest rating you've given. Let's hope it stays that way.
  • Kyle Beckerman: 6.5
  • Sunny: 5.8
  • Javier Morales: 6.2
  • Joao Plata: 8.1
  • Yura Movsisyan: 7.2
  • Burrito Martinez: 8.6 — The median score was 9, which shows you just how highly considered Burrito was in this one


  • Chris Wingert: 6.8
  • Luke Mulholland: 4.8
  • Olmes Garcia: 4.6

Ratings chart