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Burrito shines, RSL wins 1-0 against Vancouver

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver came in with a game plan to control the speed of the game and improve on the defensive side from what they have up last week, allowing four goals. There were too many scary moments for Real Salt Lake over the first ten minutes of the game with some bad giveaways and uncharacteristic bad touches that had to be cleaned up by the back center backs or Nick Rimando. RSL had some decent looks as time went on but the game was not shaking out like they had hoped coming in. The first half ended scoreless.

RSL returned to the field with about five seconds left at halftime indicating there was some strategic talk going on in the locker room. It apparently paid off with RSL creating much more and shortly after Yura Movsisyan hit the post, some nice interplay led to a Juan Manuel Martinez goal with Joao Plata picking up his fourth assist of the season. RSL looked much more in control from that point and in the 82nd minute Plata was robbed of a goal with a goal line save from Tim Parker that left the fans with their heads in their hands. Vancouver had some half chances, but were unable to get past Rimando and RSL won 1-0.